Poly Voyager 5200 - Headset

ear-bud - over-the-ear mount - Bluetooth - wireless

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Hersteller Poly
Artikelnummer 203500-05
FlexIt SKU 2321366N1
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    • Voice control
    • Reliable clarity
    • Adaptive microphones
    • Smart sensors
    • Sweatproof nano-coating
    • Windsmart technology
    • Software-enabled functionality

    Raise the power of your voice. A dedicated voice control button easily activates Siri, Google Now, or Cortana. Whispered alerts update you on talk time, and even announce the names of incoming callers so you can simply say "Answer" or "Ignore" to calls without lifting a finger.

    From bustling city streets to the corner café, some of life's most important calls happen in the most unexpected places. The noise canceling and six layers of WindSmart technology eliminate disruptive background noise like wind and chatter so your voice sounds clear, indoors and out.

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